Off-Site or Off-Page SEO embodies any efforts taken outside of a website to improve its search engine rankings.

There are several factors that we know search engines such as Google look at when determining how relevant and important a website is. A couple of the most important are quality content and quality links. Building quality content and creating links on your website falls under ON-SITE SEO, creating links to your website is OFF-SITE SEO.

If there are no links pointing to your website, it tells search engines that your site is not important. This is why it is important to have links from quality sites point to your site. These links could be from blogs, press releases, business directories, social media, and industry related sites.

It can be advantageous to pay for links that point to your site, as long as you can verify that the site is relevant, reputable, and the placement of the link is prevalent. Just like you would buy an ad on a website. It is equally important to NEVER pay someone (link brokers) for automated link building. Link brokers cannot give you any good links. All their links are already devalued by Google – because it is against Google’s webmaster guidelines to use their practices.

Other OFF-SITE SEO related services we provide are creating Social Media pages for your business, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and web advertising. These items all have an impact on how many customers find you on the internet.

We can help you with your OFF-SITE SEO. Contact Graphic Structure to develop an SEO strategy.

If you are not being found on search engines, you are losing business.