Private Club Marketing

Are you looking to increase membership sales – in turn, increase your initiation fee or share price? Would you like to increase sales in your pro shop, restaurants and lounges? We can help!

Most private golf clubs are unable to justify the expense of a fully qualified internal marketing and design team/person. Quite often, an office assistant, membership manager, or even the general manager has to take on the task of managing both internal and external marketing for the club. Graphic Structure is able to take on the day to day marketing component for a golf course, or assist in strategizing as an advisor.

Graphic Structure knows what it is like to operate a private golf club. We have experience in golf club management, roles as directors, and with day to day operations. Pairing our expertise in marketing with our experience in golf club operations, we are ready to take your club’s marketing and club sales to new levels.

Areas where we can help:

Less is more. Keeping it simple takes time and effort.

– Jeff Bullas

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