How much do you charge for a website?

This is a common question. But there is no easy answer. The cost for a website will depend on the requirements and scope of your web development project. Variations on the number of pages, amount of custom images, photography, text, special features, e-commerce capabilities etc. After reviewing and discussing the requirements and the goals you have set for your website's success [...]

How much do you charge for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

There are various factors that affect the amount we charge for our SEO services. The main factors are the size of your website, and the dedication and resources you want to put into the on-line marketing of your business. Monthly Retainer For best and ongoing results, we recommend a Monthly Retainer On the low end, this would be $300 a [...]

What are your payment terms?

For new clients, or for larger projects with existing clients, we usually ask for a 30% downpayment at project commencement. The balance will be due at the end of the project. We ask that all invoices be paid within 30 days. We accept cheques, electronic money transfer, or credit cards through Paypal.

How much does it cost for logo design?

Most logo designs will cost $500 - $1,500 for a new company. This depends on how much time we collectively decide to spend on your logo project. The more time we spend, the better chance you will have in getting an identity that you will be proud of. We will try to work within any budget.

Are there any extra or hidden charges?

No one likes surprises, at least not when invoices are involved. With all of our projects, we like to be up front about all costs. We prefer to have a quote that everyone agrees on prior to a project commencing. Unless they are specified in our quote, some of the items that will be considered extra are listed below: - [...]

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