There are various factors that affect the amount we charge for our SEO services. The main factors are the size of your website, and the dedication and resources you want to put into the on-line marketing of your business.

Monthly Retainer

For best and ongoing results, we recommend a Monthly Retainer

  • On the low end, this would be $300 a month ($75 a week average). This will provide a limited range of key SEO services. Ideal for small businesses, and smaller websites.
  • On the high end, $5,000 a month. This is for full-service SEO. This will entail an average of about 15 hours a week that will be spent on keeping your website ranking at the top of search engines.

Contract – Fixed Price

This would be for the initial SEO services that every website should have. Website SEO audit, SEO copywriting, page titles, meta descriptions, site map building and submissions.

Some other SEO services that can be added are: social media set-up (Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook etc.), basic link building, and analytics set-up.

The range in costs for this will start at $400,  and on the high end would be $5,000. This will depend on the size of your site and what services we provide.

After a follow-up (after 3 months) SEO audit of your website. We can discuss further if you would like us to provide further SEO services.

Hourly SEO Consultant

On an hourly basis, we charge our clients $100/hr for SEO services, but you can save money if you have us on a retainer basis.


More information can be found on our SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) page.