It takes time for the results of SEO

SEO is a process. It takes time for the results of SEO to be fully reflected in search engine results.

Your website has been optimized with better SEO content, links, page titles, and meta descriptions — then a new site map created — then submitted to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Now what?

After the site-map submission, search engines will index your website. The indexing of your site is now in the hands of the search engines. It may take a few days for a few or just one of your web pages to be crawled and indexed. It may take a few weeks for your entire site and all of its content to be crawled and indexed. Only after that will you see accurate results, which can be seen through tools like Google Web Tools or Google Analytics.

You should then see your key words or search words ranking improve week over week. In most cases, there should be some tweaking made to your sites content. This will then be reflected only after the search engines have crawled your website.

So to answer the question, you may notice a slight improvement in search results within days, but in most cases, it will take a few weeks to truly see any results.


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